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Monday, November 8, 2010

Expect What Exactly?

I guess since I'm no longer a season-ticket holder and not one of the elite, I won't getting this thing Dan Steinberg describes in his bog (the best newspaper online column going, by the way).

I am curious to know what I'm supposed to expect.

More bad baseball? More overmanaging? More closed concession stands upstairs? No more Adam Dunn?

I've been "expecting it" every year for six years now and "it" really only happened in the first half of the first year.

As noted in a previous post or two, the Nats aren't the only team with good young talent. You can make strong cases that numerous teams have more good young talent and better young talent.

So someone read that thing and tell me what I'm supposed to expect. Or are non-season-ticket holders not supposted to expect anything at all?


eferpyr said...

It is a rather lame attempt to generate excitement, I'll give you that. I'm still a season ticket holder, but only because I am part of a really good group and don't want to drop out.

We just received notification from the group leader that it is time to make our initial payment again, but hey, at least they didn't raise prices. In fact, Red Carpet Rewards will be back again. Whoo-hoo, 30 pairs of tickets for the price of 20, baby!

Forgive me. I am desperately searching for SOME reason to get excited.

bdrube said...

Oops...that last post was me. I typed the verification code in the wrong place!

MikeHarris said...

And here I thought I had a new reader with an odd name.

I already have one of the crystal balls (too bad it isn't a REAL crystal ball - 2014? WHO is that at 3B!?!?!). I need a better incentive. Like Dunn at 1B

Anonymous said...

I don't have the brochure in front of me at the moment, but each time the words "Expect It" show up therein there is a declarative sentence just before that tells you what to expect. Example from the photograph in Steinberg's blog:

"Developing the best young talent in the game. Expect it."

As marketing slogans go, this beats the hell out of "Pledge Your Allegiance" (2007), "Welcome Home" (2008), "NatsTown" (2009) and whatever the hell they used last year. (NatsTown again, maybe?) But since the snarkmeisters out there expecorated all over the others, I'm not surprised to see them Expectorate It once again. Are you?

So, if they give Dunn the four years he's holding out for, you're going to sign up for four years of season tix the next day? Am I reading you right? Then why weren't you a STH last year?

MikeHarris said...

I wasn't a season-ticket holder in 2010 because I wasn't sure where I'd be living - didn't want to invest in a package with a Fla. address, for example.

As it turned out, I lived right here and did almost as many games as I did the previous year. I just picked my spots and sat in different seats. Worked out kind of well.

I would, though, consider doing a package again if Dunn signs. If not a package, they can count on me for attendance at many games once again.

Without Dunn? No thanks.

And they don't have the best young talent in the game. I don't think they have the best young talent in their own division.

I actually kind of liked Welcome Home. Worked with the new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're a Dunn Fanboy Looser, not a Nationals Fanboy Looser. Perhaps you should consider renaming your blog. Or just hanging it up, like Needham and FJB.

MikeHarris said...

Perhaps. And, yeah, I'm a Dunn fan. I spend a bunch of money watching that team and he's fun to watch. With Jee-SUS out, the tema is getting to the point where fun to watch players can be counted on one hand. With fingers left over.

So maybe I should.

I'd consider switching sports, too, but the Caps fans among my friends would lynch me. The Caps have lost one game at home all year. Yep, the one I attended.

Hell, maybe it IS me. I get off the wagon, the Nats will win 100 games and the series.

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