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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some updates

Not sure how many people really care that much, but even if it is only one or two it means a lot to me. I've received some e-mail asking if I'm still writing and I am - only at my relatively new place of employment. Here's my latest entry from my doubleheader day with the Nats and Caps on Thursday.

We did another doubleheader yesterday, though we left the ballpark in the seventh so we could find something quick to eat before the Caps game.

While at Nats Park, My Son the Braves Fan and I made an awesome discovery. At the stand where they used to sell the big ribs, they now sell a variety of hot dogs (are the ribs gone?) - and one of them is served with mac and cheese AND fritos.

I figured it would be 10 bucks. Only six. And, yes, it was as wonderful as it sounds.

I've somehow managed to lose 20 pounds since Dec. 1 and I still have a long way to go. Eating those dogs isn't going to help. I'll have to avoid that side of the joint on future visits.

Finally, thanks to all who have been in touch since I started at The Times. We're up and running, we're having a blast. We're still a work in progress. I like what we've done thus far but we're going to be 1,000 times better a year from now.