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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Amanda Comak

The Nationals beat writer at The Washington Times arrived in town yesterday, long enough to realize her boss was a nut job and her colleagues were cool. We won't keep her around long - by around, I mean around here. She's heading to Viera on Saturday.

She learned her way around our blog program much faster than I did, though that was a pretty low bar to clear.

Looking forward to having her in Florida. Amanda is going to do great things.

And Anonymous who keeps commenting about the "Moonie" paper - we get it. You won't be reading. Your choice. Please show a smidge of restraint and restrain yourself from posting it again.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Because You Know You Care!

At least I hope you care. Maybe not.

Anyway, I wrote my first blog entry for The Washington Times today. Bookmark it. Tell your friends. Like us. Follow us. Please. I need the love. You thought I begged for poll votes? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Once again, I appreciate all the readership and support for THIS blog, which won't die (Loosers never die, they just go away) but won't be used too often in the future. And I really appreciate the incredible outpouring of kindness and support since I switched career gears again and headed up this-a-way.

Give us a read, please.