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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Let me go on record right here and now as being heavily in favor of "against" and I haven't even seen the new uniforms yet. Given my current status as NOT a season-ticket holder, I doubt I'll get an invite to the unveiling.

The one thing I've always liked about the Nats is their uniforms. I don't want this to become like NASCAR where colors change and drivers change and sponsors change every 20 minutes or so and they make their fans into their personal ATM machines.

I don't have the red alternate uniform jersey but I have all the others. Just found a "37" road jerset with the script Washington on eBay for about 25 bucks.

I will not be suckered into buying these new unis. I hear the white home unis are going to a script Nationals. I'm going to nose around some more and see if I can find out anything before the select few (rich suckers) get to witness the unveiling.

Besides, if the Nats don't re-sign Dunn -- and it sure looks like that's not going to happen -- I won't have a need for a new jersey to wear to the stadium. Because I won't be going.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cliff Lee

Ben Goessling asks the question, Could the Nationals Land Cliff Lee?

Could they?

The first impulse is no way. Why on Earth would Cliff Lee want to pitch for the Nats? Would the Nats actually pay that kind of money? And is it a good investment?

My next impulse is oh my. Oh my oh my. I've seen this guy live a few times, most recently in July. He's really, really, really good. Really good. Exceptionally good.

I do hope if the Nats are serious, they take some time to find out what happened in Philadelphia and if those reports of Charlie Manuel calling him a "cancer" are true. The level of assholeness you can tolerate goes up, way up, as the ability goes up and Lee has built up quite an account.

Still, you have to be careful with that kind thing. Even an asshole account can be overdrawn.

Would Cliff Lee in a Curly W make me change my stance on Adam Dunn? Nope. But it would assure I'd set the DVR every fifth day.

Lee, Dunn, Werth - could El Jefe tie up about $60 million in three players? I'd buy season tickets for that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Youth vs. Their Youth

One of the few redeeming things about the offseason when you follow a crap-o-la team is you can watch the postseason and think, "Yeah, that's us next year."

I'm trying and I'm convinced I must be drunk.

I really want to be optimistic for once in my life but it isn't working and here's why: Let's for the sake of discussion buy the Nats argument that the team and system is just bursting with quality young talent. OK, we believe.

Is that young talent any better, or even as good as, the young talent on other teams? I don't think so.

The negativity began creeping in yesterday when I looked at my Page-A-Day Calendar (Sports Facts) and I saw that it was Troy Tulowitzki's birthday. Happy Birthday Troy, a day late.

He's 26. He's 11 months older than Ian Desmond. Eleven whole months. I love Desie and all, but which player would you rather have?

It hit me between the eyes again tonight when I saw the Giants were throwing Madison Bumgarner in the game that could get them into the NL championship series. This kid is barely 21 (8/1/1989) and he won seven games this season with an ERA of 3.00.

My guess is other than a healthy Jee-SUS (who isn't healthy), he'd probably be the Nats best pitcher.

Add to it the fact that Lincecum and Cain are just 26 (and Cain just barely) and you aren't going to convince me the Nats' staff will be any better than this staff, maybe ever, even after Jee-SUS returns.

Jason Heyward is like 21. The Braves have some stud pitching prospect whose name escapes me, used as a comparison point about Bryce Harper's development in one of his instructional games, who will give them three really damn good pitchers under 25 if this kid makes the team next season (Jurrjens and Hanson are both 24).

Found the story on the Braves guy - Julio Teheran.

Hell, Brian McCann is a FIVE-TIME all-star and he's only 26! Maybe my The Son the Braves Fan is on to something.

I could go on and on and on but I think the point is clear.

The Nats' kids do indeed look to be all right. I fear the rest of the league has kids who are more all right.

So here I sit, all depressed again. Maybe there's some hockey on tonight. Hey, their is - and the Caps are winning! At least with the Caps, I can stay happy until the playoffs start.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They're Not Serious About Pena?

So I'm waiting on some stories and the playoffs have started. The TV is on and I'm watching.

Here's what I've seen out of the Nats' next first baseman:

*He struck out looking in the first inning with the bases loaded.

*He just struck out looking again.

*Mr. Gold Glove failed to pick up a one-hopper from Evan Longoria. Didn't save the E - isn't that the main reason the Nats' "brain" trust allegedly wants this guy over Dunn?

Carlos Pena hit .196 in 144 games.

Why not just keep Willie Harris and play him at first base?

Dude hit .282 in 2007 and has fallen off dramatically every year since.

Are the Nats really thinking of signing him and then trying to sell us on it being best for the team's "long-term interests?"

Please. Do we look stupid? Don't answer that because with those Curly W's on our head year after year, we probably do.

I can't believe there's a "baseball person" around who thinks this guy is a better option.

Plus, he's older than Dunn.

I've made it clear I won't go back if the Nats don't re-sign Adam Dunn. I will remain a fan but the team won't get any more of my money.

If the Nats sign Carlos Pena, I may give up the whole fan thing altogether. There's another team about 40 miles further up the road. I already have a couple of hats and shirts and I really like their ballpark.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Internet Writers Awards

Here's a link to the awards given out in balloting among members of the DC-Internet Baseball Writers Association.

Proud to be a member. Much love to Dave Nichols for spearheading the organization and the voting.

I'll have a full post on it later and reveal my votes - the good ones and the poor ones. I mostly agree with the list, with one or two questions.