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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Still My Heart

Old age sucks, which I'm learning in a painful way this week as I undergo some typical old guy tests. No fun.
I assume my heart remains strong, at least based on recent stress tests.
We're going to find out soon enough.
This whole Tex thing is putting a strain on my ticker. IF the Nats do somehow end up with Mark Teixeira, my heart may just explode. At least I will die a happy man. I have asked my family to take my ashes to Nationals Park and spread them in the approximate area where the first baseman stands on defense. That way when Tex moves the dirt with his cleats, he'll be digging me into the infield.

That said, I have no real faith it will happen even though certain outlets are trying to jam it straight down our throats. couldn't be making more out of this story if it tried, quoting "sources" as saying ol' Tex is indeed interested in playing in Washington. I'd be more confident if I heard it from, say, Teixeira himself or at least Boras.

I'm encouraged that the Nats do appear serious about at least getting in the game. I hope they throw out something ridiculous, like $200 mil over 10 years. Dig deep. This one is worth it. So says the Wall Street Journal. And me. Add $100 to my season tickets. Seriously. I'll pay part of the freight. Well, my estate will.

My son heard on the radio that Teixeira is in attendance at the Miami-Georgia Tech football game tonight. No word on whether he's wearing a Curly W anywhere.

Oh, I'll take Orlando Hudson, too. sez believe that, too!

Can you imagine this lineup?

Hudson, 2b
Guzman, ss
Zimmerman, 3b
Teixeira, 1b (damn near died just typing that)
Dukes, RF
Willingham, LF
Milledge, CF
Flores, C
Olsen/Lannan/Free Agent/Redding/Someone else, P



Sean Hogan said...

I'm working on my next post-the "Who should we go after-Pitchers edition"...but I think we could benefit a ton by signing Randy Johnson as well as an injury risk (Ben Sheets or Pedro Martinez). RJ is still one of the best pitchers in baseball, and with either injury risk our rotation bottoms out with Lannan, Olsen and Balester, allowing us to move Redding (or just keep him as a long guy). That way when someone gets hurt, we have Bergmann, Redding and maybe even Hill in reserve. It may be a pipe dream, but I think it could happen.

Steven said...

Let's assume Balester is your someone else. Either him or Bergmann or Mock I guess are the options. Maybe Zimmermann. Anyway, let's assume it's Balester. Then let's give you someone like Derek Lowe, who would be a very good free agent to fill that spot.

Assuming that, I still think you have a sub-500 team. Probably 75-78 wins, because that's a bad pitching staff. And the bullpen will be bad. And the hitters are much better, but still more below average that above bats.