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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear Milwaukee

As a faithful Brewers fan, I have followed the managerial search closely and with interest. I believe without question that Willie Randolph is the man who best meets your criteria.
Pretty please hire him and soon.

OK, maybe it won't work. But we owe it to ourselves as Nats fans to make sure we do all we can to get Willie Randolph hired - somewhere else.
Willie might be a very nice guy. Those I know who know him say he is indeed. Good baseball man. Not a very good manager.
Yes, the Nationals aren't considering him as manager. Yet. I'm not a guy who is on the anti-Manny wagon. Not at all. I don't believe we've been given a fair chance to judge him based on the talent he's been given. I'm in no rush to see him go. But I pick up a strong vibe that the braintrust (such as it is) wants to have its next manager very close at hand in case it decides to make a change in 2009.
If it is Randolph, they will have gone backward.

The possibility of Don Baylor as a coach is one I like. As a future manager? I'm not terribly sure but I'd be behind that way more than I'd be behind Randolph. Hell, the Mets lost five of six to THE NATIONALS in 2007 to ruin their playoff chances.

Unrelated, check out Nats320 (cool links on the right) for some scoop on 2009 uniforms. Baseball teams have a little NASCAR in them - change the look every now and then to keep fools like me happily shelling out the cash for the latest.

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