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Thursday, October 16, 2008

One quick question

When is a key change coming, IS a key change coming? When do we see a change that says the team is taking the disaster of 2008 seriously? OK, I guess that's more than one.

A bunch of coaches, none of them in crucial roles except the hitting coach who was pretty much replaced in September anyway. Video people. The team doctor. Oooohhhh *** I can feel the difference already.

Someone posted in the comments section of the Nationals Journal a rumor about Willie Randolph as bench coach and possible replacement if a managerial change is deemed necessary next season. Ask the Mets how that one worked out.

The Rays, meanwhile, are within a game of the World Series. The Rays. The RAYS.

1 comment:

gal revels in pee said...

You mean the Rays . . . the team that had not finished above .500 ONCE in their entire ten year existence. Those Rays, led by Evan Longoria (top 5 pick) and B.J. Upton (2nd Overall) and Matt Garza (acquired for Delmon Young 1st overall pick). Oh, and #1 overall David Price in the bullpen. That's FOUR sucktastic seasons just to get those four cornerstones.

Give the new GM in Tampa credit, he's made some smart moves (Carlos Pena was an NRI two years ago) and Grant Balfour looks like he can pitch. And we won't go into the Kazmir/Zambrano swap (hopefully the Dukes/Gibson swap will even the cosmic karma for that swipe job)

Tampa isn't a one year wonder . . . its been a long term turnaround. That's the way its going to work for a team that can't sustain a $200m payroll.