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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank You Cubs

If you believe the Chicago Sun-Times (and I do), Carlos Pena is off the market.

(and if you don't believe the Sun-Times, believe Mark Zuckerman who just posted on the topic)

A trillion thank yous to the Cubs. Had I known, I would have spent more money on my visit to Wrigley.

All signs point to Pena being a very fine guy and I hope he has a monster year. As the linked article points out, his numbers have dropped each of the past three seasons. Yet he got $10 mil - albeit only for one year - after failing to even reach the Mendoza Line.

I sleep better knowing he won't be batting between Zimmerman and Werth.

Is there any question any more that Adam LaRoche is the right answer at first? Left bat, solid player who won't cost a fortune, a good fit in that he doesn't have to be the big bopper?

I still say the Nats make one more significant splash before the party breaks up in Florida, though I make it clear that's just me talking at this stage. I don't know how serious they are about Cliff Lee, though I wouldn't object to another crazy contract if he's on the other end of it. Some people say they're very much in it, some people say they're very much not. Rizzo keeps using the term longshot. I've seen longshots win before.

Adrian Beltre? That won't be the big name, thankfully. No knock on him, I don't feel the same way about Beltre as I do about Pena. It just isn't a fit. He's a fine 3B and the Nats have a better one. Why make anyone play out of position (and add another right-handed bat) when Adam LaRoche is out there?

The shindig in Florida breaks up tomorrow, I think. I'm very eager to see what, if anything, happens in the next 24 hours.


Mark L said...

I couldn't possibly agree with you more. This saves the Nats from a huge mistake.

Ryan said...

At this point, the options at pitcher are what...

1. Lee (who knows at this point?)
2. Pavano (I'm hearing no)
3. Trade.

But Grinke would cost too much, you'd think, right?

Just throw 7-190 at Lee and be done with it. We'll curse the deal in 3-4 years, but who cares? JUST DO IT!

MikeHarris said...

That's 27 MILLION a year for Lee? As much as I support a crazy contract, that's just too crazy.

Tim said...

Yeah, 7/190 is a bit much even for CLee. How about 7/161? 23MM/yr?

Anonymous said...

Adam Laroche is the definition of mediocrity. I don't see how he's any better than the options we already have (Morse) or could get cheaper (Lee, Overbay). If you need a left-handed bat that bad, trade Willingham for pitching and find one in the outfield. Dude just seems like a sign that team is in trouble when they have him at first.

MikeHarris said...

25 homers a year isn't mediocre. Is he an all-star superstar open up the vault guy? No. Is he a completely acceptable option? Yes.

Derrek Lee is close to my age and I think last year made it clear he's declining.

Sec.3, My Sofa said...

Mediocrity?? We used to DREAM of being mediocre. Would've been an all-star to us.

We used to have to play half our home games in another country, and the other half in a winter league ballpark, no farm system, no Sept. callups, and when we got home, the 29 other teams' owners used to thrash us to sleep with their belts.

Ryan said...

Yeah. The 7-190 was a bit much. Not sure why, but I was under the assumption that he'd end up getting 175 from the Yanks. Glad that's not the case.

Anyhow....throw 7/160-165 at him and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

I have no appreciation of Other People's Money.

By my math, please sign Cliff Lee for 6 years 250 million. Done deal. Go Nats. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think its not about the money with Lee. It might be a bit time frame ... but I think its who he wants to pay him since he has so many choices? That's when Danny-O'Snyder sends the private plane to pick them up.

Fortunately for us Rizzo and the Lerners are not like Danny boy and his crew.

As far as first base I think they would be better off getting Crawford for center or left, trading Bernadina, Willingham etc. for the pitching they need and a blocked first base prospect while signing Lee.

So, where do you play Harper? Does it matter? The longer he stays in the minors honing his skills the longer before the clock starts that moves him inexorably toward free agency which is where Boras will try to maneuver him. According to Callis that unless he really tears up the minors he will likely not be seen until 2013 when he is 20. Zim's age when he started. A lot can change between now and 2013.

And they would still have a payroll way under that of most teams.