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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two More L's

And I'm not talking about losses. This is my wish list for the rest of the winter. If this happens (and it likely won't), no need to get me anything for Christmas but one of the new Nats hats. I'll be happy. And I'll be back.

With the addition of Jayson Werth, I want two things to happen. L guys.

*Cliff Lee. Call it my pipedream. As I'll note when I finally put my Werth thoughts on virtual paper, you really only ought to do one blowout, crazy contact. I'll waive that rule here. If it takes seven years and 140 mil, do it. Think about 2012: Lee, Jee-SUS, Zimmermann (assuming the development we all expect). There's the Nats answer to the Roy-Roy-Hamels triumverate in Philadelphia.

*Adam LaRoche. Good, solid answer at 1B. Another strong bat, doesn't have to be THE big bat with Werth around. Certainly makes much more sense than Adrian Beltre. Bats left. Doesn't have to change positions.

Oh, and keep Willingham unless the return is someone like Greinke.

I could live with a rotation of Lee, Zimmermann, Livo, post-demotion Lannan and, hell, just about anyone for 2011. I'd much rather see Bernadina in center than Morgan but I won't quibble.

Lee. LaRoche. Happy Holidays.


Kevin Rusch, Section406 said...

Shoot, it's not my money. I say go for it.

If they do manage to land Lee, they're immediately in the discussion, and should at least be watchable for most of the season.

And yes, a rotation of Lee, Jee-sus, Zimmermann, Lannan, and my mom would be pretty formidable.

MikeHarris said...

post-demotion Lannan anyway. I'd rather have your mom (or mine and she's deceased) than pre-demotion Lannan.

Post-injury Marquis would be OK, too.

Anonymous said...

Willingham for Grienke. You are a dope. Grade A dope. That would be the dumbest trade ever. You'd have to throw in Strasburg and Harper and Desomd. I mean c'mon. don't be stupid you moron.

MikeHarris said...

Not sure how to take that - whether I'm missing sarcasm or someone is dogging me.

So I'll reply anyway: I think anyone could have figured I didn't mean Willingham for Greinke straight up. Part of a package, eh? And it won't include Strasburg and Harper. Or Desomd. But maybe Desmond. Willingham/Desmond/Norris for Greinke. That I'd take.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put both Desmond and Norris. I suspect you'd have to instead include a pitcher. I would strongly suspect that Cole Kimball the 98 mph AZ Scorpions flame thrower and perhaps another pitcher.