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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Guy

is much better than I thought.

That said, I'm not sure what I thought or why when I heard the name Rafael Soriano. I knew he was with Atlanta and then with Tampa. I never paid much attention. My Son the Braves Fan never seemed really worked up about him one way or the other.

Just another example of my ignorance that I've never denied is pretty high when it comes to players who aren't Nats (and many times with players who ARE Nats).

So I kind of shrugged when I heard the Nats were interested, or allegedly interested, or whatever. Is it Carl Pavano interested (not actually) or Zach Greinke interested (very much so)?

Looking at it a little more closely, and without the benefit of knowledge of sabermetrics (does he have Seriously Wicked Shit?), I think I'd be very happy with this signing.

Sign him, sign another bench player (is Nick Punto not in anybody's thoughts?), maybe trade for Fausto Carmona (I like the guy without any valid reason to do so) and let's get the party started.


Anonymous said...

He is better than you think. In fact, he's so good he's a Type A Free Agent meaning he'd cost a 2nd round pick to sign.

Sec314 said...

Sign R. Soriano AND David Eckstein as the back up veteran Middle Infielder.

MikeHarris said...

Anon, I could live with that. I'd rather have a proven guy, even an older one, than that pick. Plus, don't the Nats get a couple extras for Dunn?

My son got in touch, I apparently tune him out better than I think. He says he was quite displeased when Soriano left Atlanta.

Dave Nichols said...

IMO, the nats aren't good enough to spend $10 million plus for multi-years on a closer. closers are not born, they are made; products of opportunity. if you can strike people out (and the Nats have that in spades in their pen now), you have the requisite talent to be a closer. the Nats would be better off finding one of their own to do the job for a fraction of the price.

Dave Nichols said...

oh, and no Nick Punto. he can't hit his way out of a paper bag. you thought Willie Harris was bad? at least he's jack one for you every 30 at bats or so.

MikeHarris said...

I'll take your word on Punto. I just like the name.
Eckstein over Bloomquist, right?

Matt "Too Old to Climb the" Stairs have any chance of actually sticking?

I still say there's going to be more spots open than we think because a trade is coming. Sir Rizz is bound and determined to get a pitcher.

Dave Nichols said...

Mike, I wish I had the confidence you have the Rizzo's going to pull a rabbit (SP) out of his hat, but at this point, the free agents aren't any better than what's here and a trade will cost too much of the players they're trying to build around.

Livo's your opening day starter. Book it.

NatinBeantown said...

Anon, I'm pretty sure he'd cost a third round pick. Right now our first rounder is protected, our second rounder is going to Philly for Werth. I'm pretty sure Soriano is worth a 3rd rounder, especially considering he could be used for a year and a half and either flipped for prospects, or resigned to be the guy who closes the 2013 NLCS for the Nats.