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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ian's Errors

I promised some updates on progress at The Washington Times, plus some links.

So let's start there. Columnist Dan Daly is in Florida to check in on the Nats and spring training. He offers up this take on Ian Desmond and that errors thing.

Dan will be in Florida for a week or so. Not long after he leaves, our new Nats beat writer will arrive. I've hired Amanda Comak to cover the Nats. She has experience with all four major pro leagues in Boston and she's spent time covering the team in Baltimore for Amanda shared some terrific ideas in our interviews and I'm confident she'll do a tremendous job covering the Nats.

Look for her stuff soon, keep reading Dan and be ready for our section launch date of March 21. We'll have a lot of stuff online between now and then.

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JayB said...

tried to post a comment on Dan's writing....not working....but the jest was welcome but please take note that 400 errors over 3 years has led to a much bigger issue than just unearned runs. High Pitch Counts, Lack of Confidence of the pitching staff has lead to Nats pitchers who nibble for a living and a bull pen that is toast by end of July.

I hope Dan is able to understand that we know Ian D is a hitter and a gamer but his fielding issue is more about rock hands and flat feet on routine balls. That is what kills confidence of fans and pitchers.

BinM said...

Mike - Good to hear from the FanboyLooser once again. Hope you're settling into the new gig, and will give both Dan & Amanda a read.

Once again, good luck & godspeed on your newest venture.

Sec 3, My Sofa said...

Didn't Kilgore intern at the Globe? Anyway, nice to know we'll have another proper journalist on this beat.

MikeHarris said...

Actually, I think Kilgore interned here. That's what Adam was doing when I met him covering Virginia Tech. He then went to the Globe full-time before returning to the Post.

natsfan1a said...

Thanks for the update, and (at the risk of sounding sexist) good to see a member of my team land a beat writing gig. ;-)