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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Amanda Comak

The Nationals beat writer at The Washington Times arrived in town yesterday, long enough to realize her boss was a nut job and her colleagues were cool. We won't keep her around long - by around, I mean around here. She's heading to Viera on Saturday.

She learned her way around our blog program much faster than I did, though that was a pretty low bar to clear.

Looking forward to having her in Florida. Amanda is going to do great things.

And Anonymous who keeps commenting about the "Moonie" paper - we get it. You won't be reading. Your choice. Please show a smidge of restraint and restrain yourself from posting it again.


natsfan1a said...

Duly noted and bookmarked. Will look forward to reading Ms. Comak's coverage.

It's not just me said...

Tracee Hamilton:
Is there a specific column you think I should have attributed, or are you talking about future possibilities? Yes, I do my best to attribute where appropriate. That was one of the first lessons George Solomon, my old boss, taught me. If the Moonies broke a story, we attributed it to them, etc.

Joneric said...

Welcome Amanda! Always happy to see another female who knows her sports!
And, a belated congratulations to you Mike!

Anonymous said...

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