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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Matt Capps, come on down (please)

Buster Olney is as good a reporter as there is covering baseball today, so I feel pretty good if his sources are telling him Capps will become a Nat.

I'll feel better when the deal is done.

One year? That puzzles me a bit. Not that the Nats would offer that. They're probably convinced Drew Storen will be ready by 2011 and see Capps as the Bridge to Drew.

But Capps is young (26) and has a good history, last year notwithstanding. You'd think someone out there would come up with more than two years.

Maybe he doesn't want that. Maybe he wants one year to get himself on track and go cash in somewhere. Maybe other teams don't want to go higher than that, either, preferring to see if the pre-2009 Capps returns.

The Washington Times weighs in with some information about why one-year is preferable on the pitcher's side of things.

Whatever, I'll just be happy to see him a Nationals uniform in 2010. Maybe Storen will be ready by August and Capps will be the guy who turns into some prospects?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Let's get the guy signed first before wondering when he'll be traded.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your great writing and Merry Christmas

MikeHarris said...

Thanks much, and you, too. Here's to a better 2010!