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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rule 5

Here's my thought on Rule 5: It's like that coin-operated game where you put in your quarters and move the hooky thing around and watch it lower and try to grab a prize.

Usually, you'll come up with air. Sometimes, you'll come up with something small. Once in a great blue moon, you'll come up with something good (see JimBow the Blind Squirrel's acorn in Jesus Flores).

So I pay little attention to what goes on with Rule 5. Flores is the only one who proved worthwhile for the Nats, right? Levale Speigner will always have his Santana moment but would anyone do that again? Not sure I can name any other Rule 5ers. The 2005 season was almost over before I realized the Nats had a Rule 5er on the roster. Can't even remember his name. I do remember he hit a home run and one of the papers wrote a story about some of the veterans buying him a suit. Blanco? A 3B or something?

I do so hate to lose Zech Zinicola, not because I think he has a chance to be the next great thing. I just love the name and all the possibilities. Double Z. Z Squared. Top (ZZ? Get it? OK, so it's pretty weak). You can't have too many guys whose last names begin with Z.


Anonymous said...

If his name was Zech Zimmermannn, he might have had a chance. Or maybe if his name had a cool anagram like Levale Speigner's Gal Revels in Pee.

Anonymous said...

Tony Blanco.....lived down here with a buddy of mine in Hoodbridge, VA while playing for both Potomac (when they were a Reds affilliate) and with the big club. -WY