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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good for Rob Dibble

I'm on record as saying I was a bit apprehensive when Rob Dibble was brought into the Nats' broadcast booth. I'm also on record as saying, having met him twice, he's a very engaging guy and seems to be a genuinely good guy. I'm on record, too, as saying I think his analysis is usually quite good when he sticks to analysis. Yep, I'm also on record as saying I don't like his cheering in the booth, especially when he does it over Bob Carpenter's play-by-play calls.

Got it all out there, I think. In short, I like Rob Dibble even if I don't like all aspects of his broadcasting style.

Let me throw this into the mix: I love what he said on his XM show, as relayed to me in Dan Steinberg's best-in-the-business "bog."

You go, Rob.

Given a chance to see the Nats lose 100 again by the rules or win 100 by cheating, I'd come down on the lose 100 again side.

Why? Read what Rob has to say. The vast majority of players are doing it the right way. A few cheats call into question all their accomplishments. The next guy to hit 70 home runs may be applauded for his achievement but the first thing he'll hear is, "Is he juiced?"

My son said it best when A-Rod fessed up. "Can we believe any of it?"

I don't want to think that way but it's human nature and a legit question as more and more cheaters find religion and spill their guts. They're sorry. Yeah, I'm sure. Now.

Keep preaching Rob.

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Shawn Fenner said...

Man, that was outstanding! I'll take an average team every year if it means our Nats are clean. And you also know that's one reason why I'm still such a big hockey fan -- no drugs (I'm fairly sure), no guns, no wife beating, no arrests.