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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who is the new guy? Or is it an old new guy?

UPDATE - It is Capps, an official release was issued Wednesday morning.

Just got an interesting e-mail, the lead of which I will share:

The Nationals will be hosting a conference call on Wednesday at 11:30 am, affording internet media/bloggers an opportunity to interview the club’s newest free-agent acquisition (details of that signing still to come).

Who is it? I can't find anything anywhere, so if it is someone new someone has done a good job keeping a lid on it. Checked, the Nats Journal, the Tim ***oops, check that one. They'd probably have it by now.

I assume from the way it is worded that it is someone new, not Capps or Marquis since we have details of those signings. Or maybe it is Capps - and this is just making it official. I don't recall a press conference with him earlier because it was Christmas Eve or something. So, yeah, maybe it is Capps. There isn't a release on him anywhere on

Or maybe not??

Speaking of the Times, congrats to Ben Goessing for landing the gig as MASN's online reporter/blogger. He'll have on-air duties, too. Good for him, good for them. Now, let's find a way to get Mark Zuckerman hooked up somewhere.

Still no idea what the Post is doing to do. I hope the Post has an idea.

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An Briosca Mor said...

Capps signed on Christmas Eve, but it was pending a physical. The physical was not scheduled until after the holidays, i.e. yesterday or maybe even today. They don't have the press conference until the signing is official. Hence, tomorrow's introduction is undoubtedly for Capps.