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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

May 2010 be fun, exciting and prosperous for all. As for me, it's already off to a fine start as I woke up today. Long as you ain't dead, there's potential. Not happy to see 2009 in my rear view - as bad years go, it ranks in my top three. So see ya, 2009.

My plan was to start the year with a list of Nats-related New Year's resolutions but that will wait for another day. I can't let the day go without a quick comment on some other D.C. sports happenings.

Here is Dan Steinberg's latest bog.

If the part about drawing pieces on each other in the locker room is true, I hope the Wizards do the right thing and get rid of both of them. Someone who thinks that kind of thing is even remotely OK is too dangerous to have around. Get them gone, now.

I can assure you if two Nationals ever draw on each other - and I don't care who - the team would get no more money out of me if the participants stayed on the team.

The NBA has enough image problems right now. My guess is the league will step in before the Wizards can do anything. Let's hope.

That said, Happy New Year again. I've had a blessed life and the few bad years I've had have usually been followed by really good years. I'm hoping that's the case here. Yes, a .500 record by the Nats would go a long way toward that.

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