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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the Metro columnists at the paper did an annual Thanksgiving column that was terrific. Always one of my favorite parts of the day. I won't even try to duplicate it here.

I will, however, offer some thanks to a few people/things related to baseball. Not without first making it clear I'm always thankful for a great family, great friends, my animals. You know, the usual.

*I am thankful to have a team in my ol' hometown again, even with a couple of 100-loss seasons thrown in there. My Son The Braves Fan asked a while back how I spent my spring and summer evenings before 2005. He couldn't remember. "Staring at random teams on the screen and wishing I cared," was the reply.

*I am thankful for the people I have met through this blog, from going to the games, from just being a fan. Nice to know you're not the only nut on the loose. That some really cool people suffer from the same thing I do is comforting.

*I am thankful for Mike Ogunwumi, the greatest ticket rep in the world (yes, I checked). Whenever I've needed something he's helped. Which reminds me: I need to get back to him tomorrow and figure out what I'm doing next season.

*I am thankful for Chris and Brian turning me on to The Ugly Mug - a great place to go before and after games (and I should charge them for this, huh?). My wife likes it, too, which is good. Makes it easier when I scream WE HAVE TO LEAVE 10 HOURS BEFORE THE GAME BECAUSE OF TRAFFIC! We can go to the Mug if we get there early, right? Of course.

*I am thankful I was in the house for Adam Dunn's 300th, for a big blast against St. Louis, for one off the warehouse (on the bounce) in Baltimore and many more. I sure hope he's around longer than one more year. In 2008, I saw three walk-offs. Got shut out there in 2009.

*I am thankful I was in the house when Randy Johnson won his 300th game. I'm convinced we won't see another 300-game winner until Stephen Strasburg does it. Although, let's make this clear again: That was ball four on Dunn. My son, watching from home on MASN, sent this text: Worst call in history. Way low.

*I am thankful for Nats Park. The outrageous parking fees drive me about nuts along with some other small issues but I get past them when I think of the alternative. I think I went to one game at RFK the last year the team was there. I've been to 50+ at Nats Park in two seasons. You can enjoy watching a game there, even if you can't always get pizza in the upper deck.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something or someone and I apologize. But it's almost 9 a.m. Something's ready to eat by now.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Chris Needham said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mike, to you and your family!

We'll have to do another rain delay there next season!

An Briosca Mor said...

I was oh-fer in walkoffs too, until I hit Zimmerman's against the Marlins and Maxwell's grand slam, both in September. Just goes to show that if you keep going to enough games, sooner or later something good will happen. Sometimes they even win!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Even to the turkeys.