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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's gold, Jerry, gold.

Lesson from a mentor years ago: Never miss a chance to work in a Seinfeld reference.
Congrats to Ryan Zimmerman on winning his first Gold Glove. Well earned. Imagine how good he'll be when he gets that throwing thing worked out.

I admit I don't know a whole lot about all those new fangled stats people invent to keep their calculators busy. The Washington Times mentioned something about Ultimate Zone Rating. I'll take their word for that it is a reliable standard.

All I know for sure is I watched a heck of a lot of the Nats and a heck of lot of baseball in 2009 and Zimmerman was easily the best I saw at third, even with those throwing errors. I don't know if there's a true statistical measure for jaw-droppers, but Zimmerman leads baseball in those.

So congrats again. I'm predicting he'll win 10 when by the time he's done.

Elsewhere, the Post's Nationals Journal says the manager choice will be known by the end of this week. Good. The suspense is killing me. If the choice is Bobby Valentine, can we say, "That's a wrap?"


CoverageisLacking said...

Congrats to Zim, well-deserved! Let's hope he gets rid of his yips and cuts down on the bad throws. If he can do that, there really is nothing to stop him from being included in the discussion of all-time greats at the hot corner.

Mike, speaking of Nationals Journal, what's up with your boy Chico? Maybe he's on a long vacation or assignment, but if so, I would have thought they would have given some explanation why he hasn't posted anything there for 3 weeks. Much speculation over there whether he is out as the beat writer--a job he never seemed very enthusiastic about to begin with (viz, the Washingtonian piece).

MikeHarris said...

I haven't talked to Chico in a while. So what I'm about to write is NOT presented as fact, but conjecture based on conversations I have had with others NOT in Post sports.

I think there will be a new beat writer next season. Who? No idea. Any name I'd type would be merely a guess - kind of like throwing names up and hoping one sticks in an early story about a coach or a manager search.

Not sure if Chico will be doing more long-form stuff or magazine work or what. Or if this is even correct.

I know who I'd like to see get the beat. I'll let you know if he does get it when we find out if there will indeed be a new beat writer.

CoverageisLacking said...

Thanks, Mike

DoubleH said...

I'm glad to see Zim (and the Nats!) get some recognition. While his fielding percentage suffers somewhat by getting to balls that other don't, he's still got to work on the easy throws if he's ever truly going to be "master of his domain"...