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Friday, February 5, 2010


That didn't last long. The cardinal is long gone, taking shelter somewhere, I trust. The view out the bay window is not one of melting snow but rather one of falling snow. Falling hard snow. NOT a thing of beauty in my mind. I have braved the grocery store and we're stocked and loaded for the weekend but the depression that snow brings on is back in full force.

Plus Orlando Hudson is a Twin.

That really shouldn't bother me so much. It really shouldn't bother me at all. Several of my blogging colleagues, all armed with a greater understanding than yours truly, have written solid pieces in the past week about why Hudson would be an OK but not exceptional addition. I get that. Something about the guy I liked anyway and I saw him as a pretty good fit for 2010 (and maybe 2011).

The paperwork must have been in Adam Kennedy's hands because I don't recall ever seeing such a quick turnaround. "A-Dog, this is Rizz-Dog. O-Dog dogged us. He's a flippin' Twin. Sign that thing, dog, and send it back."

Several million saved, since Kennedy goes for 1.2 million or so (less than the Nats paid Johnny-Dog Estrada). Is the dropoff from Hudson to Kennedy real steep, semi-steep, just kind of a slight downhill grade or not a dropoff at all? Should Kennedy on top of snowfall depress me further or cheer me up a bit?

I'm also torn because, as much as I wanted Hudson to sign, I'm not sure I like what it does to Desmond. That's a post for another day. It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere for a while.

I may move to Key West. Do they get DirecTV down there?

UPDATE - A friend who knows his baseball posted this on a forum where I posed a Kennedy question. Made me feel a little better. Now, if he can only warm it up about 60 degrees:

Kennedy's a bargain at the reported price and a good fit for the Nats. Whenever he plays regularly, he hits. Last season after coming up with Oakland: 11 HR, 20 SB, .289/.348/.410 and he batted .307 vs right-handers. His range isn't what it used to be when he was with the Angels but he's still just 34 and had a 4.48/9 innings in '09.

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Anonymous said...

adam kennedy? really? one year stopgap?