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Friday, February 19, 2010

I need a calculator

Adding up all those votes in my poll requires a level of math above my abilities. Thanks to all who made the push to 100 a success. Now I'm spoiled. I want 100 votes in every poll.

A cool 129 stopped by to vote and 66 think Ian Desmond should be the regular shortstop. That's where my vote fell. No offense to Cristian Guzman but he's a one-year guy now and, if Desmond is thought of in any way as a possible shortstop of the future, now is the time to find out.

More time in the minors was the choice of 52 voters. I think that's what will end up happening, though I'm not sure the guy needs more time - the rationale will be they want him to play every day. Yeah, I get that. There's another place he can do that.

Only nine want to see him kept as a utility guy and two didn't think Ian Desmond was worth another thought.

Sorting out the middle infield situation is one of the priorities of the spring. Give a click on that topic and let's push another poll over 100 votes.


sec314 said...

The middle infield situation really involves only one choice: Guz v. Desmond and barring a complete crackup by the incumbent, Guzman will be the starting SS on opening day.

The Starting rotation is still a mess. I keep hoping a deal for a front line starter will happen, but that seems less likely. But last I heard, Jarod Washburn is still unsigned...

MikeHarris said...

Isn't there enough pitching already there to tide them over until Wang/Strasburg/Detwiler are ready to go? Strasburg in June?

I agree on middle infield, I just hope they make a quick choice. Then the starting eight is set.

Sasskuash said...

There's enough AAAA quality pitching to hold over into June, but with Detwiler out, there is a void of MLB caliber pitching till Wang/SS can jump into the mix.

I still think moving Desmond to 2B solves the problem on many levels. You're no longer blocking Espinosa with Desmond, you still play your $8mill mistake, and you teach Desmond a tool that will be useful to the team for years- versatility. He's not going to forget SS even if you move him to 2B, so he can still jump in at SS in the future if they need him too. I don't see the downside of starting him in Syracuse till May to learn the footwork, and then bringing him up. There would be no problem using Kennedy as a backup at his salary.

An Briosca Mor said...

Unless Guzman or Kennedy gets hurt or totally tanks in ST, the starting eight is set, no question. They signed Kennedy specifically to push Guzman back to short. Guzman was already going to start, regardless.

The question is whether Desmond is a major league utility guy or plays every day in the minors. Since Riggleman's plan for Desmond as a utility guy includes lots of OF time for him, I certainly hope that Bruntlett, Gonzales et al are all ST standouts so that there's no way Riggleman gets to put that plan in place.

MikeHarris said...

Agree. No need to try to turn Desmond into Willie Harris.