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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The push to 100

My poll closes tomorrow morning. I'm like eight votes away from hitting 100 for the first time. Tell your friends, and I promise I'll shut up about it. I don't know why that magic number sticks in my craw. It just does. I'd like to hit it one time. Help a brother out here.

In the meantime, Mark Zuckerman is on the way to Viera (he should be passing my exit on 95 about now), some other media members are already there and many of the players are, too. It's time to start reading tons and tons and tons of stuff about the Nats.


I notice Dave Sheinin is handling early stuff for the Post. I wonder if he'll stay until Adam Kilgore arrives and then move on to his "rest of the baseball world" duties? Kilgore, by the way, is 26 years old today. Wish him a happy birthday. I hope he has a grand celebration, Viera style.

Later this week, I'll add a post of things I want to see this spring. Magic Mike and No More Interim Jim haven't called yet, so I'm going to let them know here. I want my opinion heard!!

Vote early, vote often. NationalsFanboyLooser thanks you.

Sadly, one guy who won't see spring is former major-leaguer Jim Bibby, who died Tuesday.

In 1993, I did one of those "week in the life of" stories about the Class A Lynchburg Red Sox. Bibby - everyone called him Bibby and everyone knew him - was the pitching coach and an interesting character. Sad to hear of his passing. I could listen to his stories for hours and fondly remember the times that I did.


Let Teddy Win said...

Happy to have been #100.

MikeHarris said...

Thank you sir! That's why I love you.

Sasskuash said...

Was your goal 100 people or 100 votes? Does it matter to you?

Wil Nieves said...

What's your take on the Villone minor league signing?