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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Milton Bradley? reports the team is pursuing Milton Bradley, seriously they say.

Milton Bradley? Is that really necessary? Does the team need more outfielders?

How tough is it? Go get a first baseman, go get Orlando Hudson. Go get another pitcher, maybe, if a good one can be had at a decent price.

Milton Bradley? Someone explain to me what I'm missing about why such a move makes sense, please.

Unrelated to that, Cabrera is apparently Redding? Let me 'splain. He cost about what Redding would have cost and I think it is a solid exchange. Redding is Redding, there isn't much chance of him becoming a hell of a lot better at this stage. Cabrera isn't much better now but seems to at least have a bit more upside. I guess we'll see. At worst, we'll probably see 10 wins and more than a few nailbiting moments.

Milton Bradley?

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone. There are many, many, many things in my life I want to see improve in 2009. The baseball team I follow is high on that list.


Dave Nichols said...

Cabrera is bad and getting worse. Signing Bradley would be an outright joke. Bowden is a buffoon, and this franchise is doomed until they cut him loose. that the Nats are even players for Bradley shows poor judgment.

James Bjork said...

Oh my.

Bradley and Dukes both. What a combination that would be in the clubhouse! Had they retained Johnny Estrada, they would have had a veritable "Mr. Congeniality" pageant. They don't make Advil doses strong enough for what Manny Acta will need.

I must concede, though, that in the past season we only had one Dukes eruption, and it was pretty minor.

The upside, is that Bradley absolutely RAKED last year when he was in the lineup, with an OPS near 1.00 in over 400 ABs!

Honestly, the Nats are one of the teams in such dire need of bona fide major league talent, that it may be worth jumping in on another "personality"-related discount on a player.

MikeHarris said...

Don't forget Mr. Olsen.

So, uh, Dave, I'm not off base?

Hendo said...

Things are sinking pretty low when we can't even hate honestly on Bradley (which I don't anyhow) but instead have to use him as a proxy for yet another Bowden attack.

Calm and perspective, not more venom, are what are needed.

Bowden needs to go? No duh. That statement's been true for a while, and Bradley doesn't change the truth of it.

Bradley a disaster? Not my pick o' the week, mostly on account of age, but not a disaster. (At least not by my criteria; YMMV.)

Gus said...

Looks like we can't even get our second choice FA's. Bradley signed with the Cubs.