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Monday, January 19, 2009

(rapid head shake) Markakis, $66 million?

This report about Nick Markakis' deal leaves me with two thoughts, or maybe a third:

*Is he really worth THAT much?
*If so, how much is Zimmerman worth? This guy isn't as good, right?
*Why can't the Nats get something done with Zimmerman? The Capitals earned a lot of good will with their growing legion of fans by locking up the NHL's best player long term. Why can't the Nats put something together for Zimmerman?


Steven said...

I think Markakis has to be rated as the better player at this stage. Zimmerman's a better defender at more of a premium position, but he hasn't done anything to approach Markakis's 2008 line of .306 / .406 / .491.

Hendo said...

It really comes down to...
[heresy alert]
Is Zim MLB's best player, or even 10th best -- or might it still be too early to tell?
[end heresy alert]