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Friday, January 16, 2009

MY odds and ends!

Apologies to my friends at We've Got Heart for ripping off their thread title. Been a while since I have been able to post and I just have a few short things to yabber about tonight.

*Don't tell my wife. Just bought a High Def TV that my son swears was too good a deal to resist. Should be here next week and he says when I see a Nats game on a 46-inch HD it will be BETTER than actually going to the park. Beer cheaper, colder. Bathroom closer. NO long drive home afterward. Should have thought of all that before I renewed my tickets. The TV was cheaper.

*I wake up every morning hoping for some news. Real news. Olsen/Willingham level news or higher please. I'm disappointed very early in the day.

*The less said about the latest Dukes mess the better. Someone posted on NJ in the comments section that the Nats ought to work out a long-term deal now that will look great to him in his current situation and let them get off cheap. I admit I laughed but it actually isn't a bad idea. Of course, lawyers would get their hands on a chunk of that money, too. I've come around on Dukes as a player and I'm really trying to get comfortable with him as a person but I still fear there's always going to be something with him.

*Someone tell me why I should, or shouldn't, attend this NatsFest thing. The caravan stops at a joint not far from my office. My wife and I went two years ago when I was still sports editor so I could try and get a clue on interest in the Nats in this area. The line was out the door of the restaurant the entire time the Nats were there.

*Does Chesley Sullenberger need a wheelbarrow to haul those things around or what? I'm not at all confident I have the stones to pull off something like that. I'm reasonably certain I don't. Oh, we'll just put this bird down in the river here, no worries. I immediately decided I want this guy as the Nats' next GM. Today would be good.


Kristen said...

No problem on the title :)

Come to Nats Fest for the Clubhouse Tour and the talk with George Will, at minimum.

You also might get to see FJB challenge the real JB, which is always a treat :)

An Briosca Mor said...
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MikeHarris said...

I'm in for my share.