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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The results of the latest poll shocked me.

23 thought the team would be a .500 operation, 10 said it would be a threat to win 90, two thought PLAYOFFS! and three thought it would be right where it is now.

As much as I love my faithful readership - even though we never did get to 100 votes on any poll - I'm surprised by this. I voted for a threat to win 90 and make the playoffs (87 worked in the Central). After five years, I think that's reasonable.

Heck, though it seems SO long ago, this team was a .500 operation right out of the gate. Remember the 50-31 start? Much sweeter than the 31-50 finish but it added up to .500 and I thought the team should build from there.

Luck has had something to do with it. John Patterson. Shawn Hill. What could have been with a little health. But I assure you every team could put up such a similar list. Bad luck hasn't made the Nats what they are today.

Let's see if I have this straight:


I'm still on board. My mind is already racing with things I want to see in 2010. I've about made up my mind to renew, though some outside factors could affect that. I'm guessing I'll be all in again.
But I am far from satisfied with the current state of affairs and I'll make this promise right here and now: A third 100-loss season will be the death of me.

Seattle made great strides this season, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the Nats to do the same. Am I demanding 86 wins next season? No. Am I demanding a reasonable run toward that? Yes, yes I am.

It's time for this team to step up and move in the right direction. It's beyond time, actually, but what's done is done. Ownership has been in place a while now, so that excuse is kaput. The bad GM is gone, there's no more interim. So that excuse is gone. A major overhaul is not needed. Everyone involved with the team says it is closer than the record indicates. So bridge whatever gap needs to be bridged. Now, please.

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DMan said...

It was absolutely reasonable to expect a team building up from 500 record, not sliding into national jokedom. That is what is so discouraging. They're not just bad, they are a joke.

On the other hand, do you remember the Senators 1972 season? Oops, I mean the Rangers. Fannies in seats = team stays in town. I am greatly disappointed with what we've seen so far, but I also remember the pain of no baseball in April of '72

So, like it or not, we're stuck. on board. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. BOHICA. Or any other euphemism of your choice. Welcome to purgatory.