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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Nats bullpen in pads

Thank you, Redskins, for taking my mind off how bad the Nationals were in 2009. You just may top that.

Did they bring in Jesus Colome and Logan Kensing when they went up 17-2? How do you blow that lead? Of course, it took drives of like 10 yards and 1 yard to get those two touchdowns. Otherwise the offense did just about nothing.

Who is the Jim Riggleman of the NFL? Is he on the Redskins' staff?

Here's another question to consider: What will happen first? Mike Shanahan takes over the Redskins or the Nationals have a permanent manager. My money is on Shanahan.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Shanahan. This week...?

DMan said...

The Nationls' front office looks like it actually knows what it is doing (Thank you Mr. Rizzo) in comparison to the spectacle over there in Danny World. Gasp! In fact, we have had only a brief glimpse so far, but it looks like Rizzo is really in charge, like your GM should be. Vinny Cerrato -the Jim Bowden of football!