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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Managerial musings

Latest poll results are in - 18 for NO to Riggleman as the permanent manager, 10 for YES. That's about the direction I thought it would go, though I figured the numbers would be a little higher. So much for getting 100 votes one week.

Anyway, I forgot to vote and that's probably a good thing. Not sure what I would have done. My heart says yes - I like the guy, they were better when he took over (as much as they could be given what he had to work with) and it's hard to complain about the finish. Having Nyjer Morgan around, though, probably made as much of a difference as having a new manager. If the team decides to keep Riggleman, I won't howl in protest. It won't be the dealbreaker as I decide whether to renew my tickets.

I do sort of think with all the other changes going on, a fresh start for manager IS coming. I won't howl there, either, though the eventual choice could be a dealbreaker.

There's a theory out there that the Manny Experience will dissuade the Nats from trying to find the Next Great and Bright Young Thing. It worked out for the Mariners with Don Whatshisname and that leads me to ask who is the next Don Whatshisname? Well, Manny Acta was the first Don Whatshisname and that didn't go over too well.

So I'm sitting here expecting a retread and hoping it is at least a high level retread. Showalter, Valentine, someone like that. A friend indicated Ned Yost might be a candidate. No way. C'mon. If that's really the best they can do, I'll take Jim Riggleman a thousand times over.

I still know a few people in baseball. I may nose around some and see if there's any buzz about this hire. Is Washington considered a good job or a place to go to get Acta-ed? Do you find someone with a rep for bringing along lots and lots of young pitchers? Do you need a drill sergeant type?

Too many questions, too few answers. I suspect we will all be watching this one very closely.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have included an "All of the Above" option in your poll.

Gus said...

Anonymous makes a good point.