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Friday, October 9, 2009

It never really ends

Any of you like me? You adopt a team for the playoffs because it's always more fun when you have a rooting interest?

For me, my adopted teams are the Twins and the Cardinals.

I listened to the Twins "extra" game against the Tigers on a drive home from Blacksburg on Tuesday. The radio crew there is very much into the homer mode but they're fun and it was quite a game. Plus, I have a couple of friends who are Twins fans. Plus, the Yanks and Red Sox are automatically eliminated and I won't cheer for Mike Scioscia out of some misplaced loyalty to Frank Robinson. That made the Twins a pretty easy call.

So they get to New York and get whipped on Wednesday. It can't be that tough a place to play. The Nats won two games there (saving Manny for about three weeks).

As for the Cardinals, that's another pretty easy call though I have no real hatred for the other NL entrants (even the Phillies). One of my best friends in the world is a Cardinals fan. My kids call him "Uncle Steve." We went to St. Louis together in 2006 for the entire Cards-Nats series (saw the return of Zach Day and Mike O'Connor's debut). We saw two games in 2005, too, and are making plans to go to each city next season. He was in a ticket lottery for Sunday's game and we were going to try to get to that but he didn't win. Alas, there may not be a Sunday game anyway.

So how 'bout that ninth inning last night? How Nats like was that? One out away and a fly ball is completely butchered (glove down Matt, on a ball that low). One strike away and it never comes.

I can pick 'em, can't I?

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Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

As a CARDs fam since 1967 I feel you pain. Lets hope they can come back so you can go to that game Sunday. Bonehead plays happen to good teams, it is just in a different venue than bad teams (NATS) usually play in.