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Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Day of Life in Nats A.D.

I woke up at 7:30 like I do most Sundays and I could tell it was just a stunningly beautiful day in the making. Then it hit me. It was 6:30 and I could go back to bed and I did. For TWO hours! I'm such a slacker.

It was even more beautiful when I got up for good. Perhaps a sign from above that on this the first day of Nats A.D. (after Dunn), the sun does indeed rise and shine again.

I still don't like it. I still won't go back to the park and give them any more of my money. I could save enough to buy Cliff Lee for 26 seconds or so.

Today's game: Let's try to guess a few things.

1. Where will Adam Dunn sign - and for how much and how long? I say Cubs, four years, 60 million

2. Who will play first base next season for the Nats? My brother says Aubrey Huff. I'm convinced my nightmare scenario comes true. Carlos Pena comes to D.C. and convinces everybody he's just a wonderful guy. And hits about .177 - like I noted in an earlier post, just keep Willie and put him at first.

3. What other players might sign? I'd excrete enough bricks to build a new stadium if Cliff Lee actually comes to D.C. (to play, not wearing someone else's uniform). Same with Jayson Werth, as much as I'd like to see that. I boldly predict Brandon Webb becomes a Nat and spends next year pitching in whatever league Wang and Flores played in during 2010. They'll sign some Adam Kennedy type. They'll sign some ho-hum outfielder.

What say you?

I have to find a way to enjoy this brilliant day. The Caps play at 5 and it'll be dark by then so I won't feel guilty about parking myself in front of the TV then.


bdrube said...

I say Pena on a one year deal while the team evaluates whether Marrero or Tyler Moore could be the long term answer at 1B. Webb seems likely as the team will hope he can be fully recovered by 2012. Another mid-level free agent starter will be signed to keep 2011 from spiraling completely out of control.

I think all of this became inevitable when Strasburg went down. Competitiveness in 2011 is being sacrificed for an attempted run in 2012-13 when hopefully Strasburg will be healthy, Zimmermann and Maya will have established themselves and Harper will be ready for his Rookie of the Year campaign.

They better hope it works because if not by 2013 there may not be any fan base left in DC.

MikeHarris said...

Z-nn gives me hope. Not sold on Maya at all.

2013 - isn't that Z-n's walk year?

dcdingo said...

It does seem like a year to save the season ticket shekels. Maybe catch a few Bryce Harper appearances in A ball, watch the major league team on the telly occassionally. BDRube correct on Strasburg's injury dooming us to more rebuilding years.

bdrube said...

Mike - you may not be sold on Maya, but the Nats sure seem to be. 2013 is Ryan's walk year...another reason they had better be competitive by then.