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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ryan Zimmerman - My Twin

Think about it. We could be the same guy.

We're from Virginia. We're dashingly handsome. We have four letters in our first names. OK, that's a reach. His is the real name, mine is a nickname. I'm still counting it.

Sure, there are some differences. He's younger, richer, stronger and a much, much better baseball player (he should be, he's less than half my age). His opinion also matters, or at least should.

As reported by Mark Zuckerman and others from last night's uniform show, Zimmerman reiterated his point about wanting Adam Dunn to remain a teammate. He makes very good points, particularly about the consistency. This is partly stumping for one of his buddies, sure. But it doesn't detract from his main point - you lose more out of the middle of your lineup than you're sure you'll be able to replace. So sign the man.

Back to the differences: Zimmerman can't stay away from Nats Park if the Nats don't sign Dunn. I can. Zimmerman is under contract. That's where he gets his money, so he has to show up.

Through 2013 anyway. Afterward, he can go wherever he'd like.

If I never show up at Nats Park again, it will matter not a twit to anyone other than me. The show will go on and no one will notice my absence. It won't have any bearing on the Nationals in any way.

If Zim doesn't show up anymore after 2013, it will matter.

My opinion on Dunn is just that, worth about as much as the hot air I expend repeating it so often. Nothing.

Zim's opinion ought to matter. I won't be missed. He will.


Anonymous said...

You and your twin Zimmerman ought to be telling Dunn to accept Rizzo's three year offer, and then fire the agent who keeps telling him to hold out for the four year deal that is surely coming from some other team. If he doesn't listen to that, then you and your twin Zimmerman ought to be telling Dunn to accept Rizzo's three year offer and then fire the agent who keeps letting Dunn say "I really don't want to be a DH" while his only hope for getting a better offer than Rizzo's is to become a DH. It's hard to tell who's more stupid in this deal, Dunn's agent for telling him he'll command four years and not have to DH, or Dunn for believing it. I wonder if Dunn has talked to Pat Burrell about the big money that fielding-challenged players who don't want to or can't DH can get on the open market? Because it sure ain't four years.

The only person to blame for Dunn not having been signed yet is Adam Dunn.

MikeHarris said...

That's actually NOT a bad point - even if it runs counter to my thinking!

But why is four years so out of the question for a guy who just turned 31 and has a pretty good record of consistency? That's not me being a wiseguy - I truly want to know.

If Dunn was four years older, I'd undertand. Is four more years of production really too much to expect?

I would have thought 3/45 would be fair for both sides but I'm also on board with 4/60.

And do we KNOW there's a three-year offer out there?

Maybe throw a bit more cash out there and Dunn's part of the compromise is to take three years? 3/50?

George Templeton said...

4 more years of Dunn at 1B. I will pass.
No NL team will give him a deal like that, not with his stone glove.

Anonymous said...

Boswell and Ladson have both confirmed that there has been a three year offer to Dunn on the table for some time. (Ladson says three months, which would take it back to the trading deadline.) Both of them cite "team sources." One would have to assume that these two guys have different sources, too. So the offer to Dunn is there.

Is he worth four years? Sure, as a DH. But not as a first baseman. Three more years of Dunn at first is a stretch too, but you do what you need to do in order to land the player. But four years should be out of the question for any NL team - and most likely it will be.

Ryan said...

Even if Dunn doesn't sign, I give you about a 1 percent chance of actually staying away from Nats games. I just don't see it happening. I hope I'm right.

MikeHarris said...

I'll deliver your hat either away. Actually, your hat is going in a box with your holiday CD but that's a surprise so don't tell yourself.

Ryan said...

That's cool, man. You can always join the wife and I at P-Nats games. Dollar Mondays and Thirsty Thursdays. We can drink cheap beer and bitch because Harper isn't going 3 for 4 with 2 HRs and 5 RBIs every night. It'll be fun. Trust me.