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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dunn With Dunn - The Countdown

OK, I'm not real clear on the rules.

The World Series ended last night, before midnight. There's that five-day window thing.

Is it today (1), tomorrow (2), Thursday (3), Friday (4) and Saturday (5)? Or is it a business-day thing where the weekend doesn't count and Monday becomes the fifth day - even though phones work on the weekends?

Just curious. I don't think it matters. I'm convinced the Nats will offer the arbitration (be a hoot if he accepts), take their two picks and sign someone else to be part of next year's 65-win team. I'm not certain the braintrust was ever really serious about signing Dunn to any kind of extension.

A friend, aware of my severe opposition to Carlos Pena as the replacement, noted that Pena has at least played on a winner and Dunn has never done that. He doesn't think Dunn ever will play on a winner. I had to remind my pal that if the Nats sign Pena, that's all they get. He's not bringing Evan Longoria and David Price with him. Little easier to play for a winner when you're surrounded by better players.

The World Series was just depressing, though that's nothing against the Giants. Hard to not like the Giants. But you look at the Lincecum-Cain-Bumgardner trifecta. All 26 or younger.

Next season, will the Nats have even one pitcher in that class? In 2012, will they have another one along with Jee-SUS?

I just don't see it.


Anonymous said...

According to another free agent, the deadline is 5 p.m. Saturday. I will be spending between now and then making myself sick with worry. I share your lack of confidence in Pena. I don't hold Dunn's not being on a winning team against him, since it takes a team to win - or some really incredible pitching. I share your sense that Rizzo isn't serious about signing him, but I won't give up the hope that Dunn remain a Nat for at least the next three years until he is signed elsewhere.

MikeHarris said...

When that day comes, I may sponsor a bonfire and clear some of my Nats gear/clutter. Make room for all my Os hats.

Feel Wood said...

If Dunn wanted to remain a Nat for at least the next three years, he would have taken the three year contract the Nats offered him in late August (cf Boswell). He didn't. He still thinks some other team is going to give him four years, and he has a total pipe dream that it will be an NL team so he won't have to DH. We'll find out starting Sunday whether or not such a team actually exists. I'm betting it doesn't, and Dunn will come crawling back to the Nats hat in hand. If he's lucky, Rizzo will not have already moved on by then.

I wonder if Dunn has had a chat with Pat Burrell on the value of taking the big bucks to DH vs taking less to do what you really want to do?