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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Those Uniforms

I'm not going to lie - I like them. A lot in fact.

If it works out that I do attend a few games at Nats Park next season, I think you can "expect" I will buy one of each.

Who am I kidding? If it doesn't work out that I attend a few games next year, I think you can "expect" I will buy one of each (or beg for them for birthday/Father's Day, etc.). I never said I was going to stop being a fan, I just said I was going to stop going to games. I can wear them here while I watch on TV (who will broadcast?) and cry in my beer and wait for Jee-SUS to come back.

As I noted earlier, I have no problems with any of the Nats' previous uniforms. I own a replica of all of them. I liked the original road jersey better the current road jersey. I always really liked the home whites. Still do. That would be my only quibble with the new set - is the name "Nationals" nowhere to be found on any of them? I think it should be prominent on at least one set. After all, "Nationals" is the name of the team.

A wiseguy might say there's no chance of an "o" being left out when there's only a Curly W on the jersey. I'm not going to take that easy cheap shot. I'm sure that's not the reason the jersies don't say "Nationals."

Are they trying to distance themselves from the name? I hope that's not the case either. It's a nice name.

I saw a picture of a new hat somewhere earlier, a red had with a blue brim? I like that, too.

Now if they'd just sign Dunn *** I'd be one really happy guy.

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