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Monday, November 15, 2010

HEY!! What about Jee-SUS!??!?

I've been asked three or four times already: No votes for Stephen Strasburg for rookie of the year? Suppose he'd stayed healthy?

Second one first: He didn't.

IF he had and had posted 10 wins and lots of strikeouts with a low-2 ERA, then, yeah, you bring him into the conversation. Again, as we all know painfully well by now: He didn't. Not in the conversation. It's not rookie of the 10-week period in the middle of the season. It's rookie of the year. Or most of the year at least, in the winner's case.

Crowded class of quality rookies this year in the NL and while some of the ballots were odd, they got it right.

Buster Posey deserved to win. Jason Heyward had a great year and would have been a quality choice, too. But like our man Zim (my twin), he was runner-up to an excellent player who had an excellent year. No shame there.

Voters only had three spots. With those two and Garcia in St. Louis (not to mention Sanchez in Florida and some others I'm sure I'm forgetting now), could you really give one of those slots to a guy who threw for 10 weeks, no matter how well he threw?


Jee-SUS did not get screwed. He'll win his share of awards. I already have bets down on 2012 Cy Young, 2012 All-Star starter (yes, I know it isn't an award), 2012 Comeback Player of the Year, 2012 Gold Glove, 2012 MVP.

I may even go back to the stadium to see some of those 2012 games.

Unrelated, the Braves have to be really loving that deal they made to get Mark Teixeira a few years back. All Texas got out of the deal was the 2010 AL Rookie of the Year and an all-star shortstop.

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Indeed. 'Dog doesn't bite man; film at 11!'