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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EmilAlbertson BoniGonzaldez revisited

This has been an interesting month what with dog issues, fall seasons getting started and my teaching career beginning (how scary is that?), so I'm the first to admit I haven't been paying attention as much as I did during the summer.

That will not, of course, keep me from throwing out an opinion.

If the final month of the season is indeed a time that could be consider an audition, it seems Bonifacio could become the odd man out.

I am convinced they're only going to keep two of the three-headed monster on the 25-man next season. It seems to me that Anderson Hernandez' performance merits serious consideration. Maybe he ought to be the regular second baseman. Gonzalez offers versatility as a backup middle infielder for both spots (and Harris can do that, too, assuming he's still around).

So is it back to AAA for Bonifacio? And did I actually keep the three of them straight?

Also, I just "loved" this quote in the Post's notebook done by not Chico about Flores (disappointing) and Young (shocker) probably being done for the year.

"If it happens, it happens," Young said of returning to action. "If it doesn't, I'm not going to lose sleep."

I guess not, thanks to that huge and ridiculous contract. Young was a great story - last year. I really hope the team just cuts him his check and moves on next year. He's become a gigantic distraction.


An Briosca Mor said...

Unless Emilio K Bonifacio loses his middle initial (or starts hitting as many home runs as Ryan K Howard of the Phillies) he will probably end up as the odd man out in the infield next year. You know Guzman will be there, and as you say Hernandez and Gonzales are looking good. My personal thought is that Bonifacio's prospects started heading south the day he switched from the number 6 he was wearing when he first showed up (remember how good he was in the Reds series?) to Nook Logan's old number 7, which is jinxed. What was he doing? What was he thinking?

MikeHarris said...

Every time I hear the name Nook I get the shakes. My wife likes a knick knack store called Nooks and Crannies and I can't even go there anymore.
I do get cheered up, though, when remembering Charlie Slowes' great call: Logan's rounded third. WHAT IS HE DOING??

Good point, the No. 7 shouldn't be retired. It should be burned.

Hendo said...

I can see all of them coming back, especially if one of them can play first and the 1B situation isn't resolved.

Absent a miraculous shape-up, Young is, I think, gone. It's a shame.

George Templeton said...

If someone could teach Bonifacio to walk then I would love to have him back.
And as for the Strasburg Cup, I say screw it. Strasburg = Boras = bloodbath = no thanks! I don't want to lose 100.
And I love the fact that the Nats are sticking it to the Muckin Fets. Another terrific win tonight and I am going to see Shairon Martis tomorrow, can't wait to go.