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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take the time to read

this in the Washington Times today.

I'll let the story do the talking.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had the time for the length of response that the article deserves, but here's a few thoughts: 1) For anyone involved in managing a business, the whole Lerner saga is truly fascinating. Sure to be a B-School case study in the future. 2) Pretty much everyone agrees that the marketing has been terrible, so when the VP of marketing leaves does that help prove that the Lerner's don't know how to run a franchise? 3) Wish more time had been spent exploring what occurred at the baseball meetings the Nationals did not attend: that seems pretty radical, but on the other hand maybe it represents challenging baseball orthodoxy, which may not be a bad thing. 4) In the era of electronic communication, why does anyone need a courier service?

Sean Hogan said...

Good businessmen can't run good baseball teams, it's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, to be back in college where everything is simple ;-).

George Templeton said...

I have been defended the Lerners in this space and others for a long time. I was one of those people who believed in "The Plan." And I still believe in it. But when I read things like this, especially not attending the scouting forum, I am disgusted.
And when Stan Kasten isn't allowed to do his job that leaves me flabbergasted.
But that MLB would be surprised galls me to no end. Bud Selig and Jerry Reinsdorf picked people who are like them, grasping, soulless and anti-fan.
The Washington Baseball Club should have been the owners. The city wanted them and they demonstrated the kind of commitment to the fans of this team that would see us be winners. It's a damn shame.
Why does 2005 seem so long ago?

Gus said...

Personally, I thought the article smelt a little of anti-semitism.