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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny how things work sometimes

This whole three-headed middle infielder thing got me thinking.

I knew Jon Rauch was struggling in Arizona. I didn't know how much until I went to BaseballReference this a.m.


Through Monday, he'd appeared in exactly half as many games for Arizona (24) as he had for Washington. His innings total was less than half. He's given up one more home run for the D-backs and only one fewer earned run. He's walked more for them. He's 0-6 with an ERA of 6.33.

That's shake your head stuff.

Emilio Bonifacio is going about proving himself to be a AAA player to some people. At least to one (me). I suspect there's more.

I wonder if the GMs called each other and said "bygones," the trade could be undone? I'd still take Rauch back.

Meanwhile, the Mets and Nats play a version of the old college poker game pass the trash. Can you PLEASE take this guy off our hands? Sure, but only if you take THIS guy.
So Anderson Hernandez pretty much takes over at second base (and should be well ahead going into 2009). And Luis Ayala, until his most recent outing, gives the Mets some significant relief. I blame the last outing on the team, not Ayala. During the last two weeks of a season, the Mets apparently stop breathing. A Mets fan buddy of mine is in agony this morning and I am totally loving it. Not throwing any gas on the fire or anything. Naw. I wouldn't do that.

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Anonymous said...

Just a side note: Willie Harris was the #4 web gem from Tuesday. If you ask me, he should have another one from last nights game as well.

The question is - how many scrappy career mediocre guys with flashes of brilliance can the Nats handle at once?