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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, I did want to see Montz

Not under these circumstances, of course. And I still have hopes for him as a first baseman. But in the "bright side to everything" scheme, here is Mr. Montz.

The question is: Do you use him as the regular for the rest of the season to get an idea of what he can do? We know what Nieves can do as a backup and that will remain his role for the future. This seems like a good time to see if Montz has the goods to be a major league player. Perhaps that increases his trade value. Or makes the new GM say, "Hmmm, I wonder if the kid can play first??"

As for Flores, I'm now convinced it wasn't a cheap play but that doesn't make me feel any better about him being out. My bias is showing - I can do that now that I'm out of the newspaper biz - but you can make a case for him as Nats MVP this year (like that's saying a lot). I was holding out hope he could get to 70 RBI.

I'd hate for last night to be his final memory of a darn good season. I'd also hate for him to come back too soon and make things worse.


Nate said...

Montz has zero experience with our pitching staff. I doubt they'd do that to the pitchers, who are all getting tired and cranky as it is.

Hendo said...

@nate: Yeah, but one hopes our pitchers realize that Flores was gassed anyhow, and that they'll be willing -- in a non-winning season -- to make allowances for same.