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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sudden and scary thought

Who knows why things pop into my thick head when they do? I'm sitting here getting a lot of honest to goodness work done, being productive and all that. Suddenly, my eyes get big and I gasp.

I'm enjoying this stretch of improved baseball as much as the next person. Other than the has beens known as the Braves, it hasn't come against chumps. All the Dodgers did after whimpering out of D.C. was get hot and take over first in the N.L. West (which is worse than the N.L. East). The Phillies are fighting for a playoff spot. The Nats are equal opportunity spoilers. Maybe they can muck up the Phils like they did the Mets last year.

I make a lot of noise about the Strasburg Cup and how much I'd love to see Stephen Strasburg in Washington. I can accept that not happening in exchange for a little more good baseball.

But *** but *** is a hot stretch going to save JimBow?

Nothing screams failure like a 100-loss season. It is the Mendoza Line of won-lost records. Just like 100 victories is hailed as a smashing success, 100 losses is seen as Prime Time Bad. No way a team that loses 100 can avoid rolling some heads and there's an obvious one with the Nats. El Jefe isn't going to can himself. Uncle Stan would seem safe. Manny? No way. All signs point to JimBow.

That 100-loss mark seemed such a sure thing not long ago. Then the Nats turned into world beaters. Suppose the team gets to 70 victories? Laughable, sure, but are you willing to bet against it the way things have gone lately? It would require a 14-4 finish. Avoiding 100 only requires seven more victories. A final of 63-99 may not save him. What about 66, 67, 68 wins?

I have no personal animosity toward Jim Bowden. I'm sure he's a fine guy. Anyone brave enough to ride a Segway and let someone shoot video certainly has no inhibitions. I hope he won't hold it against me if I show up at the season-ticket holders picnic. Maybe I should get someone to sample my hot dog. I just think this team needs the proverbial "change of direction" and I fear it won't happen if this stretch continues.

But, no, that doesn't mean I'm suddenly rooting against the Nats.

As for Strasburg, the Nats' hot stretch hasn't taken them out of the running. I'm going to go ahead and say it right now. The Sept. 19-21 series against the Padres should be billed as the Strasburg Showdown. The "winner," if you will, goes on to win the Strasburg Cup. We just need Seattle to win a bunch of games and take itself out of consideration.


Steven said...

Keeping Bowden on in the first place was a huge rookie owner mistake. If they keep him on after Chief-gate, Aaron-mageddon, Smiley-gate, PLod/FLop, Meat, and oh by the way 100 losses, then their incompetence will vastly exceed their cheapness as Nats' fans biggest gripes.

The Nationals Enquirer said...

Bowden is like Rasputin -- I don't think he'll take the fall if they hit the 100-loss mark. Heck, losing team and PR gaffes aside, he's done everything the organization has asked of him. The more I think about it, the more I think the only way he loses his job in the off-season is if there's really something to his involvement in the DR scouting probe. It'll take FBI guys in suits to bring him down. The good news is, that means Steven doesn't have to change the name of his blog!

MikeHarris said...

Who takes the fall then? No way someone doesn't bite it if the team does lose 100.

Steven said...

Mike--your "someone needs to take the fall and it shouldn't be Manny" logic was really the biggest thing that got me going on the fire JimBo jag. Clearly, he's bears the most fault for where we're at--he's been here the longest and has had the most opportunity to do things that would have put us in a better place. But I'm getting the feeling that maybe no one gets held accountable, that the calendar just turns and things just continue.

Chris Needham said...

"Bowden is like Rasputin"

So you're saying you want his penis in a jar???

I'll see if I've still got a scapel...

An Briosca Mor said...

Is Lorena Bobbitt still single? Get her to do your dirty work, Chris!

The Nationals Enquirer said...

@Chris: "So you're saying you want his penis in a jar???"

Hadn't really thought of it that way. But, yes.

@Mike: "Who takes the fall then? No way someone doesn't bite it if the team does lose 100."

I believe this is where the "Fire Lenny!!11!" Chorus comes in? Maybe that'll be the extent of the offseason shakeup?

Gus said...

Fire Lenny (and Jim)!

I reckon the only reason the team is hitting is coz Rick E is in town. I don't know how to do the stats, but I'd love to see the comparison pre and post Rick. Chris, please... do it for the fans.