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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That hurt to watch

If Flores is out for a significant amount of time, I'm really going to be despondent. It didn't look good, that's for sure. Kid showed his toughness just hanging on to the ball.

Was it a cheap shot by Utley? I couldn't tell, it seemed like it was just a hard play but I was watching more to see what happened to Flores. I wonder if he gets a message pitch the next time up?


Dave said...

Utley's a thug. Just so many people who play for Charlie Manuel. If he wanted to score the run, rather than take out our catcher, he tries to get to the plate.

The last couple of days, seeing such dirty play by the Phillies and hearing the loathesome, anger-filled taunting of the ugly Phillies fans, have made me a Mets fan--at least for the next four weeks.

Dave said...

That is, "Just like so many people who play for Charlie Manuel."

I'm so damn mad. Can't type.

Chris Needham said...

A thug? That's a bit strong.

C'mon. It's a rough play, but it's not a dirty play. Crap happens sometimes. Whining about it comes off as what some of the Phillies fans were saying about Utley/Lannan last year.

Hendo said...

I'm with Chris. Complaining about thuggery might make us feel better, but doesn't help matters at all. Anyhow, it doesn't seem as if the Nats saw it that way.

But, by all means, Let's Go Mets! (Except when they're in town. Remember, no tanking.)

Sean Hogan said...

Regardless of whether or not it was intentional, we need to stick up for our guys. Utley better get beaned tonight. Send him a message-if you hustle against this team, you're going to pay for it.

Chris Needham said...

Yeah, dammit!

You need to lollygag and take things for granted! Play like FLop, boys! Let that be a warnin' to ya!

MikeHarris said...

If there was going to be any chin music, I suspect it would have come last night. Utley was up just an inning later.

A couple of years ago, Francouer collided with Schneider and raised his elbow in the process. Even my son the Braves fan didn't like that. I didn't see anything like that last night. Shit happens sometimes at the plate.