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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making me a mumbling fool - and there IS an offer

Here is something on the alleged offer. I'd like to see it higher (years, therefore the money). Ten years and I think he'll sign.

Can it really happen? Can it?
Read down in here, the Nationals will make the high offer - am I reading that right? My eyes get blurry, I lose focus when I think too much about the Teixeira thing.


I told my main man Mike Ogunwumi when he took my renewal order to go ahead and add 100 extra per ticket to the credit card charge if the Nats pull this off.

I'm going to be a basket case. Very soon.

Can it really happen?

Call me a foolish December optimist but if it does happen, well, naw, let's wait. I refuse to let my hopes get too high. When it does happen?

Ashes on first base. I'm locking up and checking out.


Wil Nieves said...

It also says the Nats are pursuing Manny Ramirez - what would be your reaction if they signed both? And brought in Fuentes, just for good measure?

Is Stan really serious when he says they are moving on from just working on the farm system and focusing on the big league team? I'm starting to get nervous that my job is not safe (especially with Manny's comments earlier in the week, which I was a little sad about).

MikeHarris said...

Here, allegedly, is the offer:;_ylt=AnqKsOPCXv3i6gHU05L8nFw5nYcB?slug=ys-motateixeiranats121008&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

MissChatter said...

Yeah, I was a little worried about your job after Manny's comments Monday as well.