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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shocker - the Angels weigh in

Check out Nationals Journal in the cool links to the right. It appears the Angels have made an offer to Mr. Teixeira that is similar to the Nats' offer.
I hear the noise about not wanting to get into a bidding war. I stick to my original thought - do the 8/180 and, if that's not enough, so be it. You're reaching high now. Reach just a bit higher. I truly think 8/180 may get it done and 8/160 will not.
If he does go back to the Angels, I will deal with it better than I will if he goes to the Red Sox, Yankees or Orioles. That doesn't mean I will deal with it very well.
I do not want my ashes spread so Adam Dunn can paw them into the dirt.

Is it just me, or is it awfully quiet on the Orlando Hudson front? Isn't he a pretty good player? If Teix goes elsewhere, can the same 160/180 buy Hudson, Dunn and Fuentes?

As for the tender/non-tender stuff, I'm fine with all the moves. For some unexplainable reason, I still have faith in Shawn Hill. Maybe that's because I saw him one night when he was nigh on unhittable. Of course, Ramon Ortiz was, too, one time and I don't want him back.

Redding? Thanks for the efforts but I agree he's not worth the money they'd have to pay. I'm glad to see Willie in the fold, you can never have too many guys named Harris on your team. And I hope they open it big for Zimmerman. Nail down Teix and Zim as the corners for a long time. Please.

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