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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Me, unplugged

Just got back early this a.m. from a wonderful "lightning trip" to New York with my lovely wife and beautiful daughter. We saw In the Heights and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. We shopped, we ate well, we walked all over the place, we froze our asses off. We had a blast.
I basically stayed unplugged. Logged on for about 10 minutes to check some e-mail. Hoped like heck when we returned that the Teix saga would be settled.
I really, really want him to be a Nat. I also really, really just want to know. Sign with Washington. Sign somewhere. Like now. We elected a new President in less time than this is taking.
I found out about the Angels on the scrolling neon thing in Times Square near 42nd. I paused for a few seconds, hoping the next line would say "and signs with Nats."
It did not.
So the waiting continues. The Nats' three additions (Olsen, Willingham, Cabrera) and upgraded deal for Willie "No Relation To Me" Harris are the start of a better offseason than last year. Would Teix be the bow or what?

Saturday, I will make the most important post ever. Has nothing to do with baseball or anything mundane. I will post my wife's Christmas present.

UPDATE, sent by our best former blogging friend: This appears to take care of the quickly part, though I don't much like the rest of it.

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George Templeton said...

Well Tex has signed for the Yankees and I get the distinct feeling we were just puppets in a Scott Boras marionette show. And it makes me sick! Worst of luck to the whole lot of them in the Bronx!

Time to make a deal for Prince Fielder!