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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dunn De-Dunn Dunn

First, sorry for a couple of days of silence. Long story but some real-life factors got in the way (damn them). I learned of Ryan Zimmerman's game-winner on Tuesday via text message. But not while driving.

Second, Adam Dunn's theme music ought to be the theme from Dragnet. You younger readers may need to look that one up.

Third, sign him already.

My brother probably just spit something all over his computer. He's not a proponent of long-term Dunn-ness. He just doesn't think his production outweighs the liabilities he brings when there's a glove in his hand rather than a bat.

I don't agree and it isn't a knee-jerk reaction to his three-homer night (I listened to one and saw the other two and I appreciate him hitting a couple after I was back near by beloved TV).

He's a bit of a liability on defense, more because he isn't good enough to save his fellow infielders from errors. So make better throws. Yep, some will always get away. We'll have to live with that. If his colleagues cut down on the errant tosses, it will be easier to live with that.

I've been on record for a long time as liking the guy a lot. I'm sure those who know how to crunch numbers much better than I do can argue against this eight million different ways. That's fine and you may be right.

I still want him around a while and will be very disappointed if he's traded or just not signed. I hear some talk that the Nats want to go after one of the big-name first basemen who will be available after the season. Can anyone guarantee they'll be willing to sign with the Nats? Didn't think so.

Just sign the guy already. He's already a Nat and he claims he wants to stay. Swallow hard, put four years and 60 mil on the table and get it done already. Or Dunn already! Ha. At least I haven't lost that amazing sense of humor.

The new poll will be all about Dunn. Let's hope it draws more than the weak 47 votes last week's poll drew. I hang my head in shame at that total. Of those, 35 said Jee-SUS didn't merit All-Star consideration and 12 said he did. I assume Jee-SUS himself was one of the 35 because he pretty much said he didn't think he should go.

Go vote already, and tell your friends.


Natty_Bob said...

I voted NO in the the poll, but with a caveat. The Nats should trade him away and resign him in the off season. I don't thinks he is that terrible at 1st. He at least would have caught the ball that Kennedy dropped in the 9th last night.

MikeHarris said...

Interesting - my screen is showing NO ONE has voted! Good to know at least one person did.

He's better than he was fielding his position but rarely do you see him save others. That was something Nick Johnson did exceptionally well. And those guys need a lot of saving.

Ryan said...

If they don't re-sign Dunn, they're stupid.

Breaking up that 3-4-5 right now is stupid.

Trading a consistent 40-120 guy is stupid.

Trading him simply because he can't make his awful infielders look better is stupid.

Rizzo's not stupid, is he? Let's hope not.

Dave said...

@Natty_Bob, according to his actual fielding statistics, Dunn is not at all "terrible" at first. After last night's 7-1 loss to the Padres (in which he did commit error #5 for the year), his fielding percentage is .993.

I grant that he has considerably less range than many other first-basemen, but he is not at all terrible. People have just gotten used to repeating the phrase "Dunn's a terrible first-baseman." But this is demonstrably not true.

For comparison, Pudge's FP is .995, with 2 errors.

Dave said...

Oh, and I voted "yes" on re-signing Dunn. I've been in favor of that since the off-season.