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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Things (Plus One)

too many Nats pitchers can't do that drive me too, too crazy:

They can't get strike three.

They can't get the third out.

How the Giants turned that second inning into three runs is beyond me. Actually, I suppose Craig Stammen is lucky this isn't worse. He gives up a hit to Aaron Rowand on an 0-2 count (shocker!) to start the game. Double plays bail him out in the first two innings.

I simply have to get a life and start watching this team two out of every five nights. My TV is too new and too nice to throw something through it, but I fear it may not last the night.

Now for the third thing, unrelated to tonight (last time I ripped Stammen in game he turned it around and it is happening again so I'm going to start ripping him daily).

Anyway, go here to vote for Stephen Strasburg for an ESPY. Two actually. Deadline is midnight tonight.


WFY said...

I think you need to rip Clippard.

Anonymous said...

Another thing too many Nats pitchers (and position players like Desmond tonight) can't do: bunt.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Riggleman pulled Peralta before the 9th?

bdrube said...

Hurry back Z double NN and Ross D.

It'll be interesting to see who gets the call to replace Atilano on July 20th. Detwiler doesn't quite look ready yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see our old friend Shairon Martis, who has been throwing the ball well lately.

If they trade Livan, there likely will be no Nats pitcher with 30 starts this year. I wonder if that has ever happened for a big league club before.

MikeHarris said...

I thought Atilano was pitching the 20th??

bdrube said...

Maybe he is. They haven't been clear about that. It might depend on how he does in a minor leauge game in the meantime.

Atilano, Chico, Martis and Detwiler are all on the 40 man roster and any one of them could be promoted for just that start or longer.

As I said, it will be interesting.

MikeHarris said...

As for Peralta, my guess is he just wanted to get Batista some work. How'd that work out?

Nats320 gets on Rigs today for overmanaging, makes very good points. Nats320 is by far the least bitter of the Mom's Basement crew. If he's on Rigs' case about overmanaging, maybe someone will pay attention.

MikeHarris said...

And I probably do need to rip Clippard - if I do, it will give me something on common with pretty much every hitter he's faced the past month. Ba-da-boom! I'll be here all week, tips are appreciated.

MikeHarris said...

Not trying to pad my comment total, honest. Meant to post this on the last one. I replied to a "tweet" by Zuckerman last night, saying I swear he has to be hurt and I'm willing to bet he's on the DL by Friday.
Whether he's actually hurt or not.

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