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Monday, July 19, 2010

Time for Another Break

Lawrence Block is one of my favorite authors. He writes myteries and thrillers, both in novel and short story form. He's exceptionally prolific. Eight Million Ways to Die made my Top 10 list I did a number of years ago for some fiction forum. I've read almost everything he's written.

He's so good I almost gave him credit for one of Raymond Chandler's great lines (another great author, while we're at it):

"It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window."--Farewell, My Lovely (Chapter 13)

Mr. Chandler, not Mr. Block, summed up my feeling of being a Nats fan. This is a team to make me kick a hole in every window in my house.

I left the room for five minutes to make a sandwich. I come back and it is 4-0 and Rob (welcome back) is hammering the defense and the decision to play Willie. If you can't catch the ball, you can't play at this level. And on and on and on. He also said something about being tired of watching this defense and he's sure others are, too.

Hand high in air, hand high in air!! And I didn't even see what happened. I can only imagine.

"Nyjer Morgan, Willie Harris. If that's your future, it's not looking too bright." Wow. Rob is on a roll. I mean that as a compliment this time.

I need another break.


bdrube said...

Lawrence Block is one of my favorites as well. I actually met him once at a Mystery Writers of America dinner in Washington. He's an underappreciated talent, for sure.

It's time to face facts: this team looks about like what they appeared they were going to be during their bad Spring training. They head faked us by starting out 20-15, but time has told the tale.

Rob was absolutely right last night. It is time for Rizzo to do an intervention for Riggs on Harris and drop him from the roster. Send Morgan to Syracuse as well if Riggs insists on continuing to start him. Trade everything that isn't nailed down.

I was willing to go along with keeping the "Big 3" together until this latest stretch. If they couldn't carry the team during a series in which the pitching gave up THREE lousy runs then there is no point in keeping them intact.

Dave Nichols said...

wonder how long it takes for Dibble to say something fire-able on air?

Anonymous said...

They can't dump Morgan until after his July 31 bobblehead night. Then on Aug. 1, they can play the bobblehead. It'll be as successful trying to steal second.

And although Dibble is fingernail-on-blackboard awful, he's bound to be right on occasion, like a broken clock. Yes, hopefully Mr. Nastyboy gets fired or dumped. It'd just be funny if it's for a rare moment of insight rather than his oceans of drivel and blather.

Pedro G.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Come on Mike, you can't go so up and down on this team. I said in April and a few times since that winning 75 games (which I still think they will ) means 87 games of acid if you let them get to you. As for Nyjer and Willie, 2 rbis for one and a HR for the other last night. Once, Detwiler (my choice) or Chico along with Zimmermann get here, a few more exciting games will be in store.

As for Authors, Block (who I believe took over the mantle of the late Lawrence Sanders) is great but one can only read/collect so many. May I recomend to you James Lee Burke, T. Jefferson Parker, and John Sandord (and Andrew Vachss if you want to tour the dark side)?

MikeHarris said...

Read Sandford's latest, Storm Prey, on my trip this week. He's one of my favorites.

And, hey, up and down is what I'm all about. My mood changes inning to inning.