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Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh My, Mik, Uh, Michael

Seriously. Why not? Will it mess up the playoff run? So let's see Morse every day for two months, see if the guy is legit or just a guy with a little pop every now and then.

Bernadina (not my choice), Nyjer, pick one and they sit a while (though Nyj-mo does seem to be warming up a tad). Still, am I nuts here? Don't you have to take a real, live look at this guy, whatever he wants to call himself?

My wife just asked as the second one left the park: Every time I watch him, he hits a home run - so why isn't he in there all the time?

Answer the lady, Jim.


Feel Wood said...

How 'bout before he answers why Morse isn't in there every game he answers why Morse can't even finish the game he's already got two dingers in?

And they just re-upped Riggleman. Sheesh.

MikeHarris said...

Yeah - I went to the other room and read when they pulled him. My wife again: Wait a second, he has two home runs and has driven in four runs and they're taking HIM out?

Another good question.