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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank You, DVR

We have a DVR with our DirecTV. It holds 100 hours of programming and it is a wonder it isn't full all the time. My wife records everything and stays up all night watching. I still have the finale of Glee on there I need to watch.

I have no idea how to do any of it - record, watch, delete, nothing. I know how to turn on the TV and how to change channels. That's it. ESPN is 206. MLB is 213, the MASNs are 640 and 641. That's the sum of my DirecTV knowledge.

Now and then, I'll get some warning that it is about to record TWO shows and you can't record two and watch something else. So I'll ask my wife to please do something so I can continue to watch the game.

It happened last night right at nine. Except she wasn't home. Neither was my son. The dogs know more about the DVR than I do but they were no help. The smart one was off with my son.

It was 5-0 so I said what the heck and turned off the TV (it can still record). I read a while and went to bed.

Had no idea until I woke up what happened while I was in Nats Darkness. Very glad now I didn't see the end. This house might be fully trashed and my head might have exploded.

How in the name of *** HOW DO YOU GET PICKED OFF AT SECOND TO END THE GAME? It's a 3-2 count. There's two outs. You don't need a lead, you're scoring on a hit anyway. Stay VERY close to the bag and take off running when the pitcher goes into his motion. How hard is that?

I may trash the house anyway. No telling what would have happened. Could well have become strike three to Willie. Or not. Say what you will about his .001 batting average, the guy has delivered in the clutch before. He may have hit one out. I've seen him do it.

Now we'll never know.

One other thing. Hate to bust on my buds in the media but now and then I can't help it. This is cribbed from one of the newspaper accounts:

With one out in the top of the first, Washington starter Luis Atilano hit Tejada, then allowed a single to David Wright. The next batter, Ike Davis, hit a grounder to second baseman Cristian Guzmán.

A double play would have ended the inning. Instead, Guzmán bobbled the ball before recording an out at first. Meantime, Tejada scored from second. Because Guzmán recovered in time to record an out, no error was awarded.

Me again. What's wrong with that picture? Nothing except Tejada wasn't on second. He was on third. Went there on the single, at least according to my fragile memory AND a play-by-play account I just read online. He was all but certain to score on that play anyway. A double play was extremely doubtful even if the ball had been fielded cleanly. The bobble meant the Nats got the out at first instead of second.

I bust on the defense all the time but a DP would have been a miracle there. If Guzman had time to pick up the ball and get the batter at first, surely he would have been able to get a guy trying to score from second. Except the guy was on third.

Of course, we'll never know if it could have been a double play because it wasn't fielded cleanly. Just as we'll never know what Willie Harris would have done with a 3-2 pitch.

This team is going to kill me flat-out dead. I just hope I live long enough to pick up my free hat today. Free stuff, even if I don't really need another hat, always perks me up. Then the game will start and it will all go downhill. Over/Under on runs scored for Jee-SUS today? I have 1.

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