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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sun-Baked and Happy

Word to the wise: Don't buy tickets in section 320 for a 4 o'clock game. Better to spend your day in a greenhouse. Wow. The sun targets that section and cooks you to a nice medium well.

But it's a happy medium well after that ninth-inning rally. Walk offs are always fun. I would have preferred it on a grand slam - how nuts would the place have gone if the umpire had come out and done the circle thing with his hand? - but I'll take it however it comes.

Heading back for more in a couple of hours and not sitting in a sun seat today, thankfully. A few thoughts from yesterday:

*Isn't it about time for Storen as the eighth-inning guy? When Clippard's first pitch got hit really hard, I turned to my wife and said, "They need to take him out right now." Doesn't seem to be a middle ground with him. He looks really good or he gets crushed and Option B has been all too frequent lately. Give Storen a look.

*No more big ribs. Tried it again yesterday. Undercooked and nasty. Pizza and wings for me from now on.

*I told my daughter, who attended with some of her friends, that yesterday was a fine example of why I love Jee-SUS. He was not his sharpest, obviously. My brother was watching on TV and said those early pitches that led to walks were not as close as they looked from Sun Town. And still, he leaves down just 2-0. Some of the Nats' other pitchers turn that into a 6-0 deficit. He turns four-run innings into one-run innings instead of turning one-run innings into four-run innings. He's really, really good and there's still room for growth. It boggles my little mind to think how good he can become.

A must-read by my colleague at FanHouse, Andrew "Prez" Johnson.

*Big argument this a.m. at my brother's house over the soon to be released all-star rosters. They want Willingham. I say don't discount Dunn, they disagree. We all think Zimmerman will be the one and only choice.

*I've mentioned this before here and there but I'll mention it again as my wife was rather disturbed during portions of yesterday's game. A buddy likes to use the quote about common sense and common courtesy not being that common. Very evident at a baseball game as people move to and from seats whenever the hell they please. If you can't wait until the end of the inning, can you at least do it between at-bats? There's a 2-2 count and two men on for the Mets, we're trying to see Jee-SUS strike someone out and people are walking back and forth from their seats. We've been in at least two parks (Safeco and Citizens Bank) where they don't let you into the section until the half-inning is over. We'd be all about that if Nats Park decided to go that route.


Anonymous said...

I finally found seats where people walking in front is not an issue. No, I'm not going to tell you where they are.

MikeHarris said...

Your living room??
Tell me where or I'll seek you out and walk in front of you.

Hendo said...

Third-base side is shadier, especially if you treat yourself to mezzanine seats. There also seem to be fewer random walkers on that side, although when there's a big influx of visitors there's probably no place that's really safe.

I doubt the Nats will do much of anything for now, fearing that fans would be more offended by being asked not to walk in front of people than by having people walk in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Row K.