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Friday, September 24, 2010

Feel Better About Jee-SUS Night

Back at the park for the first time in a while tonight (and maybe the final time of the season if rain ruins T-Shirt Tuesday). Taking My Son the Braves Fan, who is relieved to know he won't have to dance and sing the U.Va. fight song with Zimmerman out (if Zimmermann hits one out, he doesn't have to sing).

Son, there's always a ninth-inning pinch HR lingering as a possibility.

I can't see the lineup the Nats are throwing out there tonight scoring a run off Tim Hudson. I'm calling 4-0 Braves right now and we're all home by 9:30.

What I hope to gain tonight is a better feeling about Jee-SUS and his elbow. The matchup tonight is Old Tommy John Survivor vs. Young Tommy John Survivor.

Of course, I've been sure all along young Stephen would be just fine. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long.

One day, I'll make a list of all the current TJs pitching in the minors. It's happening more and more and the results are getting better and better. I wonder how many years it will be until there are more pitchers in the majors who have had the surgery than there are who haven't?

I also hope to see Uncle Stan tonight so I can say thanks in person. And tell him to yell at Rizzo to re-sign Dunn before he leaves. And find out why I can't get any flippin' Flippin Pizza after the sixth inning.


BinM said...

There are a boatload of TJ 'victims' in the Nationals system alone - Strasburg, JZimn, JD Martin, Chico, Jaime, Fabian, McGeary, Burnett, Severino, English, Mattheus. Taht's 11 by my count.

Trying to track down all of them across 30 teams might take up the entire off-season.

Aussie Gus said...

Hope you enjoyed the game :) I was just glad Conrad Brooks didn't hit a HR.

MikeHarris said...

I closed my eyes when Brooks came to bat.

BinM, one of those guys was part of the package for Joe Beimel, right? I remember they traded for a guy who was still in his cast after TJ.

And, hell, it's a long offseason. I may make it a project.

Isn't Atilano a TJ guy, too?